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Toll Free # - 1-888 - 890 - 1911

FaceBook : Soul Central Station


WBAI - Pacifica Radio Network

388 Atlantic Ave - 3rd FLR

Brooklyn, NY 11217

Tony Ryan: Host of Soul Central Station has been a Disc Jockey for over 30 years, playing in various night clubs in New York and New Jersey area, music has been a major part of Tony Ryan's life, as a muscian, as a Disc Jockey and even as a IT Administrator he has always used music to motivate or influence anything he does.

While living in Los Angeles he made quite a few friends in the industry, meeting the movers and shakers of the Entertainment and Music world, this gave him the connections to various record and audio producers of the time.

Since returning to the New York area, He has been working as a Disc Jockey and Engineer for the New York area radio stations which include WBLS 107.5FM(R&B - Classic Soul) and WBGO Jazz88 88.3FM.

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